So this post has very little to do with craft… but I just wanted to share cause I am still on the biggest high (all natural I can assure you).

I went to the Green Day concert last night…. OMG it was AWESOME!!… I had the best time. It took me right back to a time when I owned high top converse and short tartan skirts and got away with bright red/pink hair (well least I thought I did :)) and well I could include a couple of other things but I think I have shared more than enough!

But the best thing about the whole night was that I got to hang out with my sister and brothers.  We are all Green Day fans – I think that may have been my influence since I am the oldest 😉  It was great hanging out together, well I thought it was great… they happened to think that it was somewhat embarrassing and weird seeing their big sister ROCKIN’ OUT!!!

Well it is not very often I get a night out like this and it was AWESOME!